Saad Mohammad

Saad Mohammad founded Mayfield with a mission to address the challenges clients face in cybersecurity. His background in network security laid the foundation for his expertise in various cybersecurity domains, from Endpoint/Cloud Security to Threat Hunting.

Mayfield’s core vision is to provide technical security expertise, saving clients time and avoiding costly errors. Their mission extends this commitment globally, bringing enterprise-level security to smaller organizations.

Three guiding principles shape Mayfield’s culture: Continuous Learning, Innovation, and Customer First. These principles drive excellence and prioritize client satisfaction.

Saad’s contributions include training cybersecurity professionals and optimizing cybersecurity investments for clients. He excels in solving complex problems and assisting non-profit organizations.

Beyond work, Saad enjoys family road trips and has a passion for cooking steaks. His commitment to trust and simplicity influences Mayfield’s leadership, emphasizing strong client relationships and streamlined excellence.

Saad Mohammad’s journey with Mayfield continues to prioritize excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, solidifying Mayfield’s reputation as a trusted industry leader in cybersecurity.

Saad Mohammad

Ron Shuster

Ron Shuster is a distinguished cybersecurity and technology expert, known for his decades-long career as a trusted advisor to companies. He excels at providing strategic counsel and innovative solutions at the intersection of cybersecurity and technology.

With a deep understanding of security assessments and data analytics, Ron has fortified digital infrastructures against evolving threats. His insights have shaped the cybersecurity strategies of multinational corporations, ensuring resilience against cyber adversaries.

Beyond consulting, Ron serves on prestigious boards, contributing his wisdom and foresight to impactful decisions. He’s recognized as a thought leader, speaking at industry conferences and contributing to leading publications.

Ron also oversees a charity dedicated to helping underprivileged and diverse communities acquire tech skills and secure job placements in cybersecurity, coding, and data science. To date, he has facilitated hundreds of classes and job opportunities.

Ron stays ahead of technological advancements, pioneering solutions in the cybersecurity landscape. He’s committed to safeguarding data integrity, privacy, and trust in our interconnected world.

Recently, he joined Mayfield’s advisory board, influencing their security roadmap and vision.

Ron Shuster

Norbert Lee

Norbert Lee is a seasoned professional renowned for his expertise in cybersecurity and technology sales, with a career spanning several decades. With a wealth of experience acquired at industry giants like Cisco, Norbert has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to navigate complex markets, identify emerging trends, and address customer needs effectively. His track record speaks volumes, having played pivotal roles in securing major contracts, forging key alliances, and driving revenue growth for organizations.

Notably, Norbert’s deep understanding of cybersecurity solutions and cutting-edge technologies has positioned him as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the industry. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is known for his passion for mentorship and knowledge sharing, actively contributing to industry forums, participating in speaking engagements, and mentoring aspiring professionals.

As Norbert continues to make waves in the industry, his commitment to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering value to clients remains unwavering. With a proven track record of success and a vision for the future, Norbert is poised to continue shaping the trajectory of cybersecurity and information technology for years to come.

Norbert Lee

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