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CYPFER Fortifies Its Market Advantage Through Another Acquisition Mayfield

Miami, Florida, February 8, 2024 – Cybersecurity market leader, CYPFER, announced the acquisition of Mayfield, a highly rated cybersecurity firm with a successful track record to fortify its market position and bolstering CYPFER’s competitive advantage.  

Mayfield has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that safeguard organizations against advanced threats in the ever-evolving cyber landscape earning itself a solid track record and history worth celebrating.  

“We’ve reimagined the future state for all things cyber security and see this acquisition as a brilliant addition to our war chest in aiding clients in their efforts to restore and reclaim what we call ‘Cyber Certainty™’” says Daniel Tobok, CEO of CYPFER. “Rethinking the future world of cyber threat, concern and crisis requires a brilliant braintrust, with impeccable values, a great track records and unapologetic results; and Mayfield embodies these attributes.”

The term Cyber Certainty™ was recently coined by Tobok in his white paper series, Cyber Certainty in an Uncertain Cyber World where Tobok references his 20-years providing cyber intelligence to C-suite, corporations, Government and dignitaries worldwide.  

“The rise of cybersecurity threat is at an unprecedented level’ says Tobok. “As the capabilities of cybercriminals evolve and grow more cunning, we must evolve at two, five, and even ten times that rate to not merely respond to cyber crisis, but to head it off proactively thus driving cyber certainty than just security” shares Tobok.

“We are proud of this new partnership as we share CYPFER’s commitment to establishing the new cyber standards for excellence” says Mayfield’s co-founder, Saad Mohammad.  

“We look forward to infusing our reach and partnerships within the industry’s leading brands so to elevate the comprehensive leadership, thinking and support to clients” shares Mayfield’s co-founder, Ron Shuster.

According to CYPFER’s website and corporate communications, the company has been a top performing service provider largely due to its growth values: trailblazing focus and a re-pioneering approach to challenge. This has given rise to the company’s increased effectiveness,  client satisfaction and resolution rate.  

“CYPFER is comprised of the world’s top ranked incident responders, threat researchers, adept ransom negotiators, and data restoration experts” says Tobok. “Our experts serve a diverse clientele, ranging from small enterprises to multinational corporations, spanning various industries and global locations and with the Mayfield acquisition, they’ve increased their professional prowess and powers” concludes Tobok.

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About CYPFER: CYPFER is a leading cybersecurity company who have reimagined Cyber Certainty™ for to business, enterprise, Government and entities serious about the future of their cyber-state and safety worldwide. With a team of seasoned experts, CYPFER delivers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including ransom negotiation, incident response, and post-breach restoration support with white-glove service. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence sets it apart as a trusted partner in safeguarding digital assets. Core services includes: ransom negotiations and payment services, incident response expertise with a specialized focus on ransomware response and recovery, and on-site or remote post-breach restoration support designed to complement internal teams. CYPFER is situated in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean; available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for clients in need of cyber crisis navigation.  For more information: Visit

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